A festive and intimate 45 minute show featuring comedy magic and audience participation that climaxes with the birthday child baking a rainbow magic birthday cake! Children are invited up to help in the show. These audience participation routines are the highlights and the signature moments in the performance. For an additional fee balloon twisting follows with the birthday child receiving a bouquet of balloon flowers (for a girl) or a giant octopus (for a boy). For older children and teens the magic tricks and content are more complex and sophisticated.

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A startling and hilarious 30-45 minute family show that proves magic can be created by all of us. Using music, comedy, and magic I feature dazzling contemporary versions of some of magic's most legendary effects that could include the 'Mystery of the Chinese Rings', 'Levitation of an Audience Member!' or the 'Vanishing Head Illusion' - where a volunteers head is miraculously pierced with arrows then disappears entirely! Perfect entertainment for all ages.





Mingle Magic allows me to perform intimate sleight of hand magic with your guests as I move from person to person and stroll throughout your event. This is close-up magic with playing cards, mind reading & audience participation that is sophisticated, funny and mysterious. My most amazing close-up illusions include: chosen playing cards magically rise from the deck, a borrowed half dollar visibly penetrates a glass bottle, a mini Rubik's Cube solves itself in your hand and the startling finale where my arm twists 360 degrees! My easygoing charm and superb improvisational skills make every moment seem impromptu and effortless - and that means real MAGIC!



My newest adult (but still family friendly) 30-45 minute show blends comedy, mystery and mind reading with eye-popping contemporary magic. Through my hilarious trademark audience participation routines we explore some of magic's oldest traditions and add startling new twists along the way. The show provides fast-paced, funny and sophisticated sorcery.


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